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StoweGood (Stowe Dailey & Karen Taylor Good) have spoken on hundreds of stages at conferences, seminars, and retreat venues around the globe. Together, they combine speaking with original live music to deliver inspirational and entertaining “Keynote Concerts.”

Grammy-nominated Karen Taylor Good and hit songwriter Stowe Dailey are both authors who understand the power of the written word, the spoken word, and words put to music. And they know that music can touch places in the heart that mere words cannot.

One is a cancer survivor, both survived years in the Nashville Music Business—writing songs with Garth Brooks, singing with Dolly Parton. Together they present a unique perspective and keynote delivery as masterful musical motivators.


1) Radical Collaboration
   Building Stronger Organizations—We’re Better Together!

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, the success of an organization hinges not only on individual brilliance but also on the collective power of collaboration. In this keynote speech, Karen & Stowe will involve the audience in hands-on demonstrations of the joy and the power of teamwork, highlighting the importance of collaboration within organizations and how it can create a thriving workplace environment where individuals feel seen and heard.

2) Shatter It! | Glass Ceilings Were Made for Breaking

This empowering keynote for businesswomen will have your audience laughing, crying and ready to embrace a bigger future. StoweGood shares powerful songs, personal stories, and gentle humor to make this keynote entertaining, thought provoking and limit busting.

Outcomes: Increased motivation, expanded mindset, empowerment, overcoming fear

3) Nurturing the Nurturers

For the Caregiver audience, no question is more important than: “WHO will take care of THEM if you don’t take care of YOU?” This keynote presentation drives home the wisdom of the flight attendant—“Put YOUR oxygen mask on FIRST!” With original songs and personal stories, StoweGood provides gentle instruction in the all-important art of Self-Care—and leaves attendees in the health care professions feeling recognized, empowered, and appreciated for dedicating their lives to caring for others.

Outcomes: Enhanced support system for caregivers, empathy & appreciation and recognition of the importance of self-care

Prime Time | This Moment is Our Finest Hour!

With 137 years of experience between them, Karen & Stowe are two women who know how to rock through the highs and lows of life. In this keynote, their inspirational songs will have mature audiences dancing in their chairs. Their stories will send a clear message that you are never too old to rekindle those big plans which may have been abandoned along the way, or to simply celebrate and honor all the life you’ve lived thus far! This IS our Prime Time!

Outcomes: Deeper self-appreciation, increased joie de vivre, expanded sense of community

4) Just Say YES!
  Your Dream Life is Right Under Your No’s

Karen & Stowe have definitely learned to say YES to life. Karen went from near bankruptcy to a Grammy nomination! Stowe overcame fear and Stage 3 cancer to the life of her dreams! Weaving powerful, original songs about thinking big, embracing adversity, and living in the NOW, they end this moving keynote by inviting attendees to say the same words that turned their lives around… and ‘take the pledge!’

Outcomes: Increased motivation, expanded mindset, empowerment, overcoming fear



Improved Performance
Increased Communication
Enhanced Teamwork
Enriched Innovation


Trust & Respect
Sense of Belonging
Real Communication
Innovative Culture
Shared Purpose



Keynote Address (45-90 minutes) includes stories/content and live music (acoustic guitar, keyboard, singing, and original songs that reinforce the key concepts).


Association for Radiologic & Imaging Nurses, American Business Women’s Association, Federally Employed Women, Alzheimer’s Association, McKesson Corporation, Proctor & Gamble, Penn State, U.S. Bank, Team in Focus, Baptist Hospital, Spirit in Business, Lion’s Club International, National Hospice Foundation, South Central Community Action Program, Adams Arts Council, The Next Door, American Women in Radio & Television

“A song can travel to places in the heart where words alone cannot go.”

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