Flying High – Stowe Dailey



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How do you escape the gravity of fear?

How do thoughts affect health, passion, and purpose? When singer, songwriter and best-selling author Stowe Dailey meets entrepreneur and “pilot of unique concepts” Calvin LeHew, she is fascinated with his rags-to-riches story, his positive outlook, and his ability to manifest dreams by the power of thought. Spending time with Calvin, transcribing his seminars, and writing his story brings to light the dreams Stowe has buried, along with fears she has carried.

As cancer threatens not only the completion of the book but her very life, Stowe is forced to make some heart-wrenching decisions – with Calvin’s help. He said, “With every adversity there is with it a seed of greatness.The true story of Flying High was originally intended to chronicle the amazing life of one writer; remarkably, the process of its creation helped rescue the life of his co-author. The result of their experience is an uplifting story for the world, of flying high above adversity – a story of personal growth, attribute divine guidance, and a reminder to


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