StoweGood Special Downloads

Help Me Love Her – CLICK HERE!

We have a very special new song to share with you. Several months ago we were “fluffing” in the big mirror that lives in the bathroom across from our StoweGood office/YouTube/recording studio. Karen was having a bad hair day, a bad face day, and a bad attitude day when she loudly exclaimed “O God… help me love this woman in the mirror!” Stowe calmly replied…”wow… we need to write that song.” 

Every woman that we’ve shared the song with has first had a deep, visceral reaction, and second, been very happy to find that she’s not alone. Our hope is that you will share the video above or download and share the song with every woman in your life. Let’s help our sweet sisters to “love that woman in the mirror!”

~ StoweGood

Moonlight Vigil – CLICK HERE!

“This is the first track off of my CD Angel Chants, which I created for the The Learning Channel video series Angel Stories. I wrote and sang it (all the voices are mine), and the talented Ron Kristy provided the beautiful musical accompaniment. I hope you enjoy it!”

~ Stowe Dailey

Precious Child – CLICK HERE!

“I wrote this song to honor my nephew Paul, who ‘left too soon,’ at age 21. I’m honored that it has been adopted by The Compassionate Friends, The Shaken Baby Alliance, and other groups and individuals. Please feel free to use it at a memorial service, or on a website honoring your ‘Precious Child.'” 

~ Karen Taylor Good

NOTE: If your memorial video using “Precious Child” was taken down from YouTube, please contact me: Someone is impersonating me using the account “” and has been forcing people to take down their video for “copyright infringement”. Rest assured, this is NOT me. You have my permission to use the song on YouTube.