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During this very challenging time—times that are anything but “ordinary,” we’ve found that the only way to keep ourselves from going stir-crazy is by making music! We had so much fun creating this Ordinary Life album for you, and we’re very proud of how it turned out. People have shared that they find these songs to be both tear AND laugh-inducing, and most importantly, soul-healing.

Ordinary Life

StoweGood’s second duo offering features 22 of their strongest songs to date! Turn up the volume, and let these heart-inspired songs speak (and sing) to your precious soul.  They’ll remind you of who you are, why you’re here, and how much you are loved. Order your Double Album today!

Beautiful Brokenness

StoweGood Cover

Love Lives On is StoweGood’s first duo album! Sixteen original songs that will open your heart, tickle your funny bone, help those tears flow, and get you up dancing… all the while reminding you of how adored you are. So much love has gone into the making of this album – from the empowering songs to the CD package itself, which includes a 6 panel fold-out, an 8 page booklet, beautiful photos and notes written just for you – it’s an album you will treasure. It’s StoweGood for YOU!

Love Lives On

Church In A Flash features 27 lovingly crafted songs for our Spiritual Family – perfect for congregation, choir & soloist! Includes the song, the karaoke track, sheet music, and PowerPoint slides for the congregational songs.

Church In A Flash

Stowe CD Cover

Before there was StoweGood, there was… Stowe. This fun and funky album is a companion to the Flying High book with many of the inspiring truths and profound lessons found there. It contains three Stowe solo-written songs – Wake Up, Walk By Faith, and the moving Second Chance about  Stowe’s recovery from cancer. The other nine songs are co-writes with Karen Taylor Good, including Be Yourself, May My Heart Break and a powerful song that hints at the duo to come – You Are Not Alone. One listen and you’ll be Flying High! 

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Flying High 

Let The Light In CD Cover

From Karen’s prehis-STOWE-ic period, this inspiring Double album features 30(!) original songs catering to your mood – Fifteen songs to “Reflect, Ponder, Contemplate” and fifteen songs to “Laugh, Sing Dance.” Contains The Life That’s Chosen Me – the song for PARENTS of special needs children, It Gets Better – an empowering song for struggling adolescents,  the musical affirmation, I Am a Gift, and the uplifting I Couldn’t Have Done It Without Me! among many others. Listen… and Let the Light In! 

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Let The Light In

El Alma Que Hizo Dios CD Cover

Karen’s Spanish Language Album (Spanish lyrics by Walter Suhr). Karen was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, and has been in love with the Spanish language all her life. With the help of her amazing friend, Walter Suhr, 13 of her favorite songs are now available in Spanish. Walter and his love, Susana Trimmer, were in the studio making sure that no Gringa-isms slipped in!

El Alma Que Hizo Dios

Angel Chants Cover 2

Angel Chants, composed and sung by Stowe, is a beautiful collection of original modern chant music and was featured on The Learning Channel in the documentary Angel Stories. With the help of today’s recording techniques, Stowe was able to layer her voice over and over, creating a choral illusion. Most of the album is a cappella, but she is accompanied on several songs by the lovely string and keyboard stylings of talented songwriter and musician Ron Kristy. Haunting melodies and beautiful harmonies… Perfect for quiet reflection.

Angel Chants


Karen’s Color Blind Album is a beautifully powerful body of work. It is filled with fourteen inspired songs, sung by a woman who is sure of her voice and not afraid to tell it like it is. Follow her on her journey through real life situations with songs such as; Naked, Child That I Never Had, Until I’m Strong Again and the moving title track, Color Blind.

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Color Blind


How Many Women features the many sides of multi-talented singer/songwriter Karen Taylor-Good. From fun crowd-pleasers like Bless Your Heart, to If You Do – a wedding song duet with Collin Raye, AND a never-before released version of Karen’s signature song, On Angel’s Wings, it’s easy to find so  many songs that will speak to your heart.

How Many Women


Song Guru is one of Karen’s all-time best selling albums and showcases several of her most requested songs, including God’s Refrigerator and Get a Bigger Pan. In this fourteen song album, Karen invites us to celebrate our parents with the stirring A Mother’s Love, and the beautiful love song she wrote for her own wonderful father, Quiet Love. It is a collection of songs that showcases a songwriter at the top of her game. Check it out and see why folks call Karen Taylor Good the Song Guru!

Song Guru


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