Church In A Flash

StoweGood Presents 25 Heart-Opening Songs for your church, congregation, choir & soloists. 


You asked for it – You got it!

25 Songs For Your Congregation, Choir & Soloists

With BONUS Material!

Flash Drive Includes:

    • 25 Recorded Songs
    • 25 Karaoke Tracks
    • 25 Pieces of Sheet Music
    • 25 Sets of Lyrics
    • 16 PowerPoint Slides for Congregational Songs
  • PLUS 2 Extra Songs and Tracks!

Price $129 + $5 S & H

Church In A Flash features one Grammy-nominated song, several radio hits, and over 20 lovingly crafted songs for our Spiritual Family!

A Mother’s Love

All Is Well

Beautiful Brokenness


Get a Bigger Pan (Bonus)

God Is So Amazing

God Shaped Hole

God’s Refrigerator (Bonus)

Healing in the Hands of Time

How Adored You Are

How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

In The Silence

Kingdom of Heaven

Love Lives On

May My Heart Break Open

My Life Is a Prayer

Nothing Is Impossible

On Angel’s Wings

Peace Is All I Know

Perfect Work of Art

Quiet Love

Temple of My Soul

The Question

Unopened Gifts

What I Need

You Are Loved

You Are Not Alone

Sold separately, this collection is valued at $270.

Price: $129 +$5 S&H

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