Our music is our mission, our purpose, our “ministry.” Your tithes and gifts mean everything to us and allow us to continue writing and producing this music and getting it out into the world. Have we mentioned lately how grateful we are for your support? We are!

Gifts For Our Patrons

$100 Donation:

Get 2 Autographed copies of our our New 22-Song Double CD


  • 2 autographed copies of “Beautiful Brokenness” 22-song CD
  • “Beautiful Brokenness” handwritten Lyric PDF

$200 Donation:

Ring, ring! Your two biggest fans are calling!

You’ll get a personal phone call from us, during which we can exchange recipes, embarrassing childhood stories, election opinions and maybe ONE secret about the music business!


  • 1 autographed copy of “Beautiful Brokenness” 22-song CD  
  • Your name listed on our website’s Patron page

 $250 Donation:

Video Of Your Favorite Song

Do you have a favorite StoweGood, or Karen/Stowe song? Karen and Stowe will record a live video version of your favorite song with a personal shout out to you or a family/friend of your choosing.


  • 1 autographed copy of “Beautiful Brokenness” 22-song CD 
  • Your name listed on our website’s Patron page

 $300 Donation:

1-Hour Skype Songwriting OR Life-Mentoring Session

We would be honored to spend Skype time with you helping you shape up your favorite creation, or brainstorming with you on ways to live your best life. Let’s talk!


  • 2 autographed copies of “Beautiful Brokenness” 22-song CD
  • Your name listed on our website’s Patron page

$1,000 Donation:

A Personalized version of one of our favorite songs sung just to you!

You’ll get a PERSONALIZED version of “How Adored You Are” with YOUR NAME in it! Imagine starting your day with a song from God… “Deana dear, my beloved one… do you know how adored you are?” Of course… your name doesn’t have to be Deana. 🙂


  • 10 autographed copies of “Beautiful Brokenness” 22-song CD
  • Your name listed on our website’s Patron page

$2,000 Donation:

YeeHaw! Come to Nashville (Nashvegas) and let us be your personal tour guides!

We’ll treat you to breakfast at the famous Loveless Cafe OR the famous Pancake Pantry. Your choice of touring the star’s homes and Music Row, or a more cultured day visiting Cheekwood gardens and the Belle Meade Mansion. Ok… culture’s OVER! Dinner at Jack’s famous BBQ, followed by an evening tour of downtown Nashville. (Travel and Lodging not included)


  • 10 autographed copies of “Beautiful Brokenness” 22-song CD
  • Your name listed on our website’s Patron page

$5,000 Donation:

Let Us Come Make Music in Your Home, Church or Business!

We’ll saddle up our horses, strap on our keyboards and guitars, and head to your neck of the woods! We’ll have a rocking good time giving you and yours a personal concert. NOTE: If your woods are outside the US, please add travel & lodging. 


  • 15 autographed copies of “Beautiful Brokenness” 22-song CD
  • Your name listed on our website’s Patron page

You can also send your gift as a check to:

StoweGood Music
PO Box 681435
Franklin, TN 37068

Thank you SO much for your continued support. We are so grateful to have you in our lives.
Big love from both of us!
Karen & Stowe

Thanks To Our Contributors!

Stowe & Karen wish to lovingly acknowledge the people who have helped to support our musical mission. Many thanks to these generous individuals!

Taylor Weisleder, Jamie Sanders & Unity of Pensacola, Tami Gullan, Jodi Floyd, PJ & Reedy Hickey, Bob & Jean Finnigan, Deana Laughlin, Unity of the Hills, Carolyn Swilley & Pat Olive, Dawnelle Moore, Ann & Frank Young, Sunny K. Zengler, Hina & Thomas Fruh, Karen L. Yandell, Jo Ann & Colin Tipping, Nancy E. Crane, Carla L Palmer, Unity of Las Cruces

Edge Resources, INC, Cactus Flower Restaurant— Joni DeRome & Lee Kafeety, Suzanne & Ty Giesemann, M.E. Sjolin, Nelah L. Parker, Mary S. Lynch-Lichter, Suzanne C. Gibbons, Kathy Jacobs, Claire M. Cascio, Karen Drucker, Tom Johnson-Medland (In memory of Mark Cunningham), Sandra Farmer,  Cathryn L. Bissell, 

Leslie Texas, Van Strickland, Barbee & Chuck Major, Jane Larson, Russell Little, Lisa Etherington, Cheryl Summers, Kathleen R Moore, Gail Grossman, Wendy Crown, Jerry Cleveland, Kay Brilliant, Greg Hernandez, Hope West Colorado, Denice & John Bazzani, Eileen Shaw, Diane Scribner Clevenger, Paul & Veronica Kenney,

Nancy Crane, Stephen S. Genser, Celia Marion, Unity on the North Shore, Anthony Young, Merri Feirman  (In memory of Jerry Doochin, who’s life was an example for us all), Phyllis Pulver, Ida Weisleder (In Memory of Justin Weisleder), Lindsley Silagi, Unity of Bay City, Christine Saunders, Elizabeth Flores, Margarita Villoch, Chip & Sharon Henderson, Janet McCallum