StoweGood – Ordinary Life

During this very challenging time—times that are anything but “ordinary,” we’ve found that the only way to keep ourselves from going stir-crazy is by making music! We had so much fun creating this Ordinary Life album for you, and we’re very proud of how it turned out. People have shared that they find these songs to be both tear AND laugh-inducing, and most importantly, soul-healing. 

We all long for a return to our ordinary, pre-Covid-19, lives. StoweGood had a full schedule of concerts and retreats lined up for 2020, but then the pandemic came and cleared our entire calendar, leaving us wondering how to continue to make a living doing what we love. So, in an effort to keep the music coming (and the lights on), we are offering this album as a whole, rather than single song purchases. You can purchase the entire album as mp3s, and they will come together in a zip file, or you can buy a physical CD and it will be lovingly sent to you:

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Morning Prayer
Ordinary Life
Holy Money
New Friends
You Matter
Runnin’ After You
Wrap You Up
I Will Be Your Voice
Exiting The Womb
Tweezer Song
America the Beautiful
Pass It On
Ain’t Done Yet

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and can’t afford to purchase the album, but there is a single song that speaks to you so strongly that you need to be able to listen to it at home, we understand. Please write to us: We hope to have a “scholarship program,” funded by those of you who would consider paying a bit more.

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